Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy is an incredible, FDA-approved tool in our Hair Restoration arsenal. Our laser is used to stimulate and promote hair growth, resulting in improved texture. At Ambiance HR, we incorporate Laser Therapy to improve the results of many of our other solutions. When they act quickly when their hair starts thinning, some men can even rely solely on laser therapy to preserve their existing hair.

Quite simply, we take Laser Therapy a step farther than the rest of our industry. At Ambiance HR, you will receive enriching laser-light therapy from professional specialists, using the most advanced medical-grade lasers available to us. But you will also receive monthly photos to show your new hair growth as it occurs.

The Proof In the Photos

As with any medical treatment, the results of Laser Hair Therapy vary for each individual. But nearly 100% of clients using our program as directed experience reduced hair loss and regrow hair. We actually document the progress of your Hair Restoration using a Capillascope. At Ambiance HR, you won't have to wonder whether the results are real. You won't have to count on your friends to tell you the truth about whether your hair looks fuller. The proof comes standard with Laser Hair Therapy at Ambiance HR.Laser Image

How Laser Hair Therapy Works

Laser therapy uses the body's natural processes to fight hair loss. This 100% safe, painless, and proven method delivers more nutrients to the hair follicles. It extends the growth cycle of hair, preventing follicles from going into the resting phase in which they stop growing. The enriching cool laser light heals cell damage and stimulates new growth. And by improving the size, thickness, and health of hair follicles, laser therapy enhances the quality of your growing hair.


Theradome is a wearable low-level laser hair therapy treatment that is portable and hands free. Low-level laser therapy reverses the miniaturization of follicles and follicles to return to their healthy, normal state. Theradome is an FDA-approved product that is convenient and easy to use in the comfort of your own home. It’s recommended to be used twice a week for 20 minutes per treatment.

Thermadone Treatment Thermadome Treatment

Take Action Early

There's a reason that laser therapy has become so popular among men experiencing hair loss – it really works! But there's even more reason to get excited if your hair is just beginning to thin. Laser therapy helps you keep and improve the quality of your own existing hair. When started in the very early stages of hair loss, it can buy you time, options, and sometimes even a lifetime of voluminous hair!

If you're interested in Laser Therapy, schedule your free consultation at Ambiance HR. There's no obligation, and we will help you take quick action if our lasers can help you fight your hair loss.


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  • We, Americans, are somewhat greedy for immediate gratification – well, with Laser Treatment, that's delivered. Fantastic!!I see positive results – no negative. No redness, a slight pink to my cheeks, which only helps the general impression of something good going…
    - Anonymous
  • I use several of the products available – among them, the shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, facial scrub, moisturizer and most recently the eyelash enhancer. I completely rely on them, I am so very happy with the results. My hair is…
    - Anonymous
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