You may know Minoxidil by its first brand name – Rogaine for men. The first FDA-approved medical approach to fighting hair loss, it paved the way for innovation in the world of Hair Restoration. When applied topically to the scalp, Minoxidil reduces the impact of DHT on hair follicles, improving the thickness and quality of the hair shafts. This solution works best for men in the beginning stages of hair loss who still have many viable hair follicles.

By now you're likely familiar with DHT and its role in male pattern baldness. This natural hormone attacks hair follicles, suffocating your hair, interfering with nutrition, and preventing growth.

Minoxidil was first introduced under the brand name Rogaine for men, and it was the first groundbreaking medical DHT blocker to be approved by the FDA. It works by extending the growth cycle of the hair follicles and improving the health of your hair.

Don't Let DHT Damage Your Hair!

DHT is the main culprit in most male hair loss. If your hair has begun to thin or fall out, preventing DHT from doing any more damage is a great first step. This harmful hormone builds up in and around the individual hair follicles, eventually causing strands of hair to die. Minoxidil increases blood flow to the hair follicles, improves nutrition, and reduces the impact of DHT.

A Multi-Method Approach

Every Ambiance HR hair-loss treatment plan is built from scratch to ensure you get the best results for you. When you contact us to learn more about Minoxidil, you may be delighted to find that a hybrid approach is a viable option. By using Minoxidil for men in conjunction with other methods like Laser Hair Therapy, we can often achieve enhanced results. Schedule your evaluation to find out if Minoxidil for men could work for you.


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