Permagraft Hair Grafting

Permagraft hair grafting that does everything but grow. This ultra-high-quality restorative integrates real human hair with your own growing hair. Because the scalp is always visible, and thanks to its natural flow, bounce, and spacing, Permagraft eliminates the problems that plagued solutions that came before it. Scientifically designed, this product takes Hair Restoration to a whole new level.

Over the years, a few common problems have come to be associated with Hair Replacement. The people at Permagraft set out to fix all of those problems in one fell swoop. Through strategic placement, this solution achieves the natural-looking appearance and movement of surgical Hair Restoration in a painless, affordable package.

Achieving undetectable Hair Restoration requires precision. With Permagraft hair grafting, the smallest details have been carefully considered. The result is a full head of hair that looks and feels just like natural, growing hair.

The Permagraft Details

  • It's real human hair. Our replacement material isn't synthetic. It's 100% real human hair.
  • Hair grows up. Permagraft is implanted on a vertical bias so that it's capable of multidirectional movement – just like growing hair.
  • Your scalp can always be seen. Permagraft moves just like natural hair and is placed using natural spacing.
  • Less dense and more realistic. Too much density is a historic "tell" of Hair Replacement. With Permagraft hair grafting, spacing is carefully considered to mimic your natural hairline and hair growth.

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  • I use several of the products available – among them, the shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, facial scrub, moisturizer and most recently the eyelash enhancer. I completely rely on them, I am so very happy with the results. My hair is…
    - Anonymous
  • We, Americans, are somewhat greedy for immediate gratification – well, with Laser Treatment, that's delivered. Fantastic!!I see positive results – no negative. No redness, a slight pink to my cheeks, which only helps the general impression of something good going…
    - Anonymous
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