Topical Hair Thickening and Hair Regrowth

Topical Hair Thickening and Hair Regrowth

Our line of Topical Thickening and Hair Regrowth products for women puts control of your hair loss in your own hands. These handpicked products block DHT, protect your growing hair and hair-restoration materials, cleanse the scalp, and stimulate new growth.

Hair Starts at the Scalp

Whether your hair is thinning or growing quickly, it all starts at the scalp. Don't make the mistake of ignoring the health and condition of your scalp, especially if you're losing your hair.

Our Topical Thickening and Regrowth product line has two benefits.

  • It gets the scalp ready for preventive treatment.
  • It nourishes, cleans, and protects your hair once it's in place.

Protect Your Investment

Topical Hair Thickening products for women and Hair Regrowth is our go-to line for maintaining both human-hair and synthetic extensions. They deliver nutrition to growing hair, extend the life of wigs and custom prostheses, and make hair of all types easier to style.

If you make an investment in Hair Restoration, protect it by giving yourself the greatest chance for success. With great preparation and upkeep, you can have a real impact on the effectiveness of your chosen Hair Restoration solution.

Expert Guidance

While we're happy to share our products and solutions on our website, it's important to keep in mind that you won't have to make any decisions on your own. During your evaluation, a hair restoration specialist will answer your questions, address your concerns, and connect you with the best options for your hair loss.


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