Hair Integration

Hair Integration

Hair Integration is simply the process of adding additional real human hair or a synthetic replacement material to your existing hair. This versatile spectrum of solutions offers a wide variety of price points, styling options, quality levels, and attachment options. If your hair is thinning or shedding, we can design an affordable Hair Integration plan just for you.

Flexible Hair Integration Options

Hair Integration describes an incredibly versatile array of options for those who still have existing hair but want to add more fullness, body, and coverage. You can choose 100% real human hair or the most advanced and lifelike new synthetic replacement material for your new hair. We make use of several different attachment options to meet the unique needs of our individual clients.

Your hair integration can be completely customized to fit your budget, style, and activity level. Ambiance HR professionals will present you with a variety of hair integration methods and materials to choose from, as well as world-class styling to make them look incredible.

Hair Integration is completely customizable.

Replacement Material – We offer the highest quality synthetic and 100% natural human hair, as well as more budget-conscious materials.
Amount of Coverage – Integration works great for women with varying degrees of thinning or hair loss.
Method of Attachment – Your hair integration can be clipped on, attached with adhesive, cold fused, or tied on. Your Hair Restoration specialist will help you decide the best option for your lifestyle.

An Option for Everyone

Since women experience hair loss at different rates and in different ways, not everyone should opt for a wig as their first Hair Restoration solution. If you have mild to moderate hair loss, hair integration may provide the fullness and body you're looking for without damaging your existing hair. Hair integration offers a solution that can be tailored to fit your needs throughout the progression of hair loss.


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  • I found Ambiance HR after an illness left me with significant hair loss. I contacted the company thinking I would need a wig. However after consultation, the suggested route was Laser Treatment and product. The hair laser treatment and supplemental…
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  • The Center is discreet with friendly, supportive personalities attending the Client, leaving you feeling very comfortable and encouraged.
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